First week of classes!

This first week of school was quite hectic! And guess what? Almost all the classes were in Czech! 😀 But my Czech fellow students helped to translate what was said, as wel as the teachers whom can speak English. XD

No, it was fun! Monday I had my first studio class, were we got our assignment for this semester (although I think we will do more than just this one). We get to make a comic of a short story of Edgar Allan Poe! We had to pick the story from a hat, and I got Ligeia. Pretty interesting, I hadn’t read that one yet! (actually the only Poe story I have read is The Cask of Amontillado)

I also got another assignment, to make a 30-second paper animation with a circus theme. From what I got is this an assignment for the first year students, but I’ll gladly do it too because i never did paper stop-motion anyway!

Its worth mentioning that all students, no matter first, second or third year get the same assignments simutaneously. Only the paper circus thing is aimed at the first year students by means of practise, I guess.

I’ll add some photos of the studio later, for now I have some of the school interior in general:

These are actually some of the ‘cleaner’ spaces, most of the corridors are filled with all kinds of artworks and furniture… Which will be supposedly get cleaned up during the next weeks. This week was still exam week for the Czech students.

Also, fun fact: dogs are allowed in the school! As well is smoking inside. :/

One of the most fun classes I had was clay modelling! 😀 I’ve never worked in clay after a living person before, and the teacher is really nice! Looking forward to this class next week!