Ramsey Landrace

This character was designed for a collaborative publication called Character Design Zine 2020, featuring all kinds of characters designed by artists all over the world. I decided to design an anthropomorphic goat to stand out from the rest, hopefully!

ramsey back and front
ramsey expressions

At first sight, Ramsey seems a senile old man, complaining about back aches and today’s youth. Under the well-worn cloak hides a sly smuggler with every forbidden good of the galaxy in his ship’s cargo.

During the Battle of Veluw, his home planet, an unfortunate hit on his head costed him one of his beloved horns and gave him almost permanent headache in return. Ramsey then used his whole stolen fortune to have the ancient artisans of Hircus make him a custom lightsword to fit on his broken horn.

electric scimitar
use of lightsword
The lightsword, known as the Electric Scimitar, channels headache into electric discharges.
Moodboard for Ramsey’s looks and personality
colour tests
Colour tests for Ramsey
zine spread
Finished spread as published in the zine