Renowned Explorers: Quest For The Holy Grail DLC

renowed explorers quest for the holy grail

At Abbey Games I had the opportunity to work on the last DLC for Renowned Explorers. This became The Quest for the Holy Grail, an Indiana Jones themed expansion set in the Middle-East. I worked on character portraits and animations, but also event illustrations and some props for an unused arena.

The Quest for the Holy Grail was released on 13th December 2018 as a free expansion to whoever who already owned the Renowned Explorers: International Society base game.

renowned explorers backgrounds
Event pictures – background illustrations of various locations
renowned explorers characters
Portraits of generic villager non-playable characters
djinns characters renowned explorers
Designs for the Djinns
djinn princess design sketches
Design sketches of the Djinn Princess, along with her in-game portrait
infrit sorcerer design sketches
Design sketches for the Infrit Sorcerer and in-game portrait
infrit sorcerer animations
All the poses and animations I made for the Infrit Sorcerer