Catastrophic Dinner

Catastrophic Dinner started as an asymmetric VR game made for the Global Game Jam 2019 I made with Joeri van der Velden, Pim Rutten, and Sander Verbeek.

In Catastrophic Dinner, the VR player is trying to make his apartment ready for a romantic dinner with his girlfriend. His cats, the non-VR players, try to turn the date into a disaster by throwing plates from the table and turning the lights off.

Being the only artist on the team and not very experienced in creating 3D models, we decided to depend heavily on free asset packs found in the Unity Store. Where these packs didn’t offer what we needed, I created new assets in the same style, such as the cat towers and the wine rack. Naturally I also did the UI and the title and end screens.

We received quite some positive feedback on our game, so we decided to continue development. We wanted to add more levels with different situations the cats could mess up, and thought of different types of cats to choose from to play with.

Sadly, the project came to an halt in August 2019, partly due lost interest and the extremely small niece there is for asymmetric VR games.