Klauzura Exhibition opening night, part 2

The ‘Poe machine’ was the most amazing thing our two curator-students put together: you could choose which trailer you wanted to see by typing in the corresponding number code. The code also matched the comics on the wall, so after you’ve seen a trailer you liked you could find the number (and name) and read the story.

A lot of students thought our studio had one of the best presentations of all the studios, a nice break of the usual white cube presentations, so to say. 🙂

Exam Time!

Preparing food for the jury that will grade our trailer animations…

The ‘jury’ concept is new to me, but works like this: the final Klauzura assignments are always graded by a jury which consists of teachers from all Graphic Departments, so apart from Animation (Film and TV Graphics) also Illustration, Graphic Design and Typography.

Unlike most other studios, we didn’t have give an presentation, our trailers were just shown one by one and the jury gave immediately feedback. Petr Krejzek, the Illustration teacher who was in charge of our comic assignment was positively surprised by my trailer, as he called the comic progress a ‘tragedy’ (I don’t know if he meant that seriously or half-jokingly, but he was most of the time not very happy with the drawings I made for the comic). Still he and the rest of the jury found the drawings rather naive and childish. I don’t know what to do with that feedback. 

Anyway, we haven’t gotten our grades yet. 

Getting ready for the Klauzura opening…

This weekend was all about cleaning the studio and making everything ready for the Klausura expo opening next Tuesday night! Sadly some people slacked and didn’t help, but that’s always the case, in Rotterdam too. 

I’m excited about the exhibition, but it also feels a little sad because it will be the very last thing I’m doing together with my Czech classmates. In three weeks I will be going home again …

Studio Pictures

I promised pictures of studio a few weeks back, well, here they are! They were shot on a very rare occasion when I was the only one working there.

Main entrance to the left. There is a kettle and like ten brands of tea, as well as a small cooking plate if we are feeling hungry. 🙂

Beige door is to the teacher’s office. Screen in the back is for projecting animations, of course! Sometimes people take a nap on the blue couch. 😀

The teachers’ office

You see, no one actually likes cleaning up here XD Although this is primarly where our teachers will be working, we can freely enter here by using the key right behind the door. We actually have been given a key to the studio, so we can work here whenever we want to!

We also have an ‘upstairs’! Can you spot the little dinosaur from here?

The main reason why it’s such a mess is because all the work from previous semester is still there. Though I don’t think it will be cleared up soon. 😉 Also the Mac is one of the few here, most computers are operating on Windows. Bummer!