Paint Over!

Paint Over! is a local VR multiplayer game for two or more players (Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest and OpenVR supported). The game is also playable without a VR headset.

One player takes on the role of restorer and attempts to restore a painting to its correct colors, receiving instructions from the other player, who consults the painting catalogue ( The restorer communicates the subject and shapes of the painting; the other player looks the painting up in the catalogue, and then communicates what color each element in the painting is supposed to be. The restorer then corrects any errors, all within the time limit.

This game is the result of 2020’s Global Game Jam.

During this jam I was responsible for the painting designs and the UI. As one of the diversifiers of this year’s Jam was to use a art deco style, so we decided to style all the UI and furniture to the 20s.

I made three painting designs with each two more versions with small variations, such as more or less apples. Each of these variations would have three wrong colorations that could appear in game, scaling from easy (small changes), medium and hard (large colour areas to change).

Closer view of the UI elements I designed