Welcome to my new personal corner of the internet!

This blog is a continuation of my old blog saskiadeklerkwdka.wordpress.com, which is written in Dutch. I mostly wrote about my experiences and projects at the Willem de Kooning Academy there.

In third grade I decided it was time to make the jump to a more professional portfolio website, written in English. I didn’t continue blogging, though, as it took a lot of time to document my projects so thoroughly and I didn’t really feel compelled to do so anymore.

When leaving for Prague to study animation for four months, I wanted to try blogging again, which became saskiapraha.tumblr.com. I have since moved those blogposts onto this site. When I came back, I found I liked blogging enough to try to keep it up at my Tumblr, with varying succes. Now this site is up and running, it is time to crosspost news and updates from here, too!

So welcome to my new personal little corner of the internet!