Exhibition opening in Galerie Hraničář, Ústí nad Labem

It’s been already two weeks ago that we went to see the opening of our projection exhibition in Ústí nad Labem! The video above shows only a few of all the video’s made by us, but as they are played in an random order I didn’t film all of them. Here are some pictures of the opening, made by Foto Lumpe.


Our super cool flyer with the name of the exhibition (Signály na známa, signals to know), which is somewhat in line with the major exhibition, titled Jak si rozumět (how to understand each other). Shame that they didn’t get the date right, it should be 15.5 – 15.7.17. Oh well!

Another two assignments!

Two weeks ago we got another two assignments and then the blogposts stopped, which is I guess the best illustration of the lack of time that I have now! And it doesn’t help if we go on all kinds of trips visiting other cities XD

About the new assignments: one was really short-term and in fact I finished it just last week, it’s the video up there. We had only two weeks to create a short animation of max. 30 seconds somehow connected to Ústí and Labem, a Czech town near the German border which has changed sides frequently through history. I made a kind of abstraction of that history. Fun about this is that it’s gonna be projected in three different rooms in a gallery in Ústí, which is why there are these rectangles overlays in the animation. The viewer will only see one of the three parts at any time. 😀

Circus Animation Progress

Time to show some progress for that circus animation, isn’t it? I should be ashamed, I’m working on it for months now and still haven’t showed anything! Thing is, preparing all the characters, props and backgrounds for a paper cut animation takes the most time, while it only starts coming to life in the end when you finally can start animating.

Anyway, without giving away the whole story of this 30-second animation, these are the characters, a knife thrower and his lovely assistant:

Work in progress of the main background
First puppet in the works…

And after scanning, printing on the right paper, protecting it with fixative and carefully cutting it…

…the fun task of making the edges of the paper black begins. This is to make sure the edges don’t reflect on the plastic sheets between the characters and the background, as this reflection would be visible in the animation.

You can imagine this is task that requires full concentration, as almost anything involving paper puppets, haha! Drawback of this black line is that it bleeds into the front side a little, so all the parts have this black line around them now. 

And this is where this black line becomes a problem: on the arms for example, when the parts overlap more during movement, this black line becomes visible. Oh well, nothing to be done about it!